When new workload opportunities arise, the proposed effort will be developed at the Complex Business Office as the single-point of contact for the Complex. This office will select project/business development managers in order to identify and investigate potential workload opportunities, and will work hand-in-hand with the appropriate agencies, (AFSC, Complex, LCMC, MDA, etc.) Action Officers and Technical Advisors to manage, track, and report on new business opportunities.

The Complex Business Office is the Office of Primary Responsibility for all Public-Private Partnerships involving the OO-ALC. Partnering allows government and commercial sources to work together to provide the best overall product support to the war fighter. Partners bring complementary capabilities and overlapping interests into long-term relationships, each furnishing a part of the capital and labor for the enterprise, while sharing profit, risk and potential loss. Partnering agreements are flexible, enduring, and responsive and include such workloads as logistics management, engineering, supply chain management, depot maintenance, workforce development/training, production efficiency, and quality. Current legislation provides multiple avenues for public-private partnering implementation. Partnerships built on this foundation transcend traditional buyer-seller roles and provide an opportunity to build long-term business relationships.

For partnering opportunities please call (801) 586-3394 or DSN 586-3394 or email us at: OOALC.Partnering@hill.af.mil

The complexity of today’s technologies and those of the future require support from a partner of the highest quality. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

OO-ALC Complex Business Office


5851 F Ave, Bldg 849

Hill AFB, UT 84056-5824

Commercial (801) 775-2167 or DSN 775-2167



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